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Shoptalk 2018 - Part One: 'it's all about fit'

Hi, all. I want to share as much of what I saw and learned at Shoptalk last week as I can with all of you. It’s an exhausting but stimulating four days of non-stop action. I’ll do this in two entries, one about ‘fit technologies’ and the second about everything else. As you may know, I’ve been termed the “fit guru” in the press and I still love following up on the new tech startups trying to solve problems that I've been working on for almost two decades ago (before AI to help, by the way). FYI, while I’ve officially launched my new consultancy now (April 1), I will not be doing fit-related work. When it comes to fit consulting, I will be referring any inquiries to the fabulous team I’ve built and trained at Alvanon over the past twelve years. They are truly the best!

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