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Growth Strategy 

New business growth can come from a lot of places, but it’s often difficult to focus on the best opportunities in a rapidly changing environment. Are you planning to expand to new markets or segments, new channels, add new products or services, or develop creative ways to grow share with your existing client base? Let us help you identify, test and implement the best strategies for profitable growth.

Business Development 

Finding and developing new customers is often the most challenging hurdle for even the largest, most established companies. We can help identify potential customers or market segments, open doors, and provide tried-and-true tactics for meeting and building relationships with key decision makers and new potential clients.

Supply Chain Strategy 

The days of “chasing the cheapest needle” are over, but most companies still try; they continue to seek out low-cost labor because they don’t understand how to transform their supply chain matrix to create more profit and more value. We can help you develop the most nimble, responsive, transparent and sustainable supply chain that can, and should, add to your profits — not detract from them.

Product Development 

Traditional product development processes in apparel are slow, iterative, cumbersome and plagued by indecisiveness. We understand the tactics, technologies and strategies that can transform conventional product development into the virtual and digital worlds to save time and costs, reduce risks, and more immediately engage customers.

Executive Coaching, Facilitation 

Sometimes executive and leadership teams can benefit from getting an objective, third-party perspective. With forty years of experience leading almost every possible discipline in the world of apparel, Ed Gribbin can provide that unique perspective and inspire your team with great ideas, tactics and solutions.


Getting existing customers and potential partners to know, appreciate and crave your brand is a challenge for any business. Making them stay loyal is another test entirely. Standing out in a sea of similarity in today’s time-starved, media-saturated world is critical. We can identify new strategies, missed opportunities and enhance the effectiveness of existing marketing strategies to build your brand into the "must-have” brand you want it to be.

Organizational Transformation 

Most companies struggle to keep up with — much less stay ahead of — what their customers want and when they want it. Many are hamstrung by talent and skills gaps on their teams with a culture that rewards risk avoidance. We can help identify the organizational “potholes” that are slowing down or damaging company progress and develop strategies designed to transform underperforming areas of your business

Speed to Market

Speed has been the buzzword in apparel design, development and sourcing for years as retailers and brands try to emulate the success of the major global fast-fashion giants. There is no single speed formula, hopwever, that’s right for everyone. Let us help you develop the optimal speed strategy to surprise and delight your customers, frequently, and profitably.


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